StrikeIron is launching a “Marketplace” through which independent software vendors and solution providers can offer web services.

The Marketplace is an expansion of StrikeIron’s Web Services Business Network. The new offering includes self-publishing capability for providers as well as authentication, subscription, and management capability for users.

“The StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace provides the next evolution in the market for the buying and selling of XML-based Web services,” said Bob Brauer, president and co-founder of StrikeIron. “Now, any Web services innovator can take advantage of our web services ecommerce infrastructure, tools and online services to significantly reduce go-to-market costs and accelerate their visibility and adoption in the industry. Meanwhile, users of the Marketplace get a comprehensive, consistent and simplified mechanism to quickly discover and leverage a broad range of Web services in a trustworthy environment.”

Web service providers can choose from authentication, pricing, billing and accounting, usage reporting, user tracking, security, uptime monitoring, choice of protocol, redundancy, analysis tools, productivity tools, documentation tools and other services.

Avalinx, Cdyne, DesertSoft, RealEDA, Relevant Automation, SourceKit, and Xignite are among the companies already using the Marketplace.

Users, meanwhile, can subscribe to the Marketplace for a variety of services, data sources and applications.

Software developers and solution providers cane incorporate additional web services into their applications.