Mark Johnson, a leader in advanced networking technology at MCNC over the past nine years, is the organization’s new chief technology officer.

“Advanced networking technology is the very core of what we do at MCNC,” said John Crites, MCNC’s chief executive officer.” Many of our technology success stories can be attributed to Mark’s leadership and vision. His collaborative leadership style has forged strong partnerships with national networking organizations, including the National LambdaRail and Internet2, for the benefit of MCNC and our North Carolina university partners. As CTO, Mark will continue to collaborate with our partners to establish the future technology vision for MCNC.”

MCNC is one of the leading organizations in the United States for advanced network research and development. MCNC also maintains the North Carolina Research and Education Network, which links many education institutions and government agencies across the state.

Before joining MCNC, Johnson worked for the state of North Carolina’s networking group. At MCNC he has acted as manager and director of Internet Technologies and as director of Advanced Technologies.