WINSTON-Dan Wrappe, one of the co-founders of Triad Semiconductor and a former chief executive officer of the firm, has left the company.

Wrappe, citing work demands, has gone into business for himself and launched a consulting firm called “Chip-Less”.

“Creating a semiconductor company from scratch is hard work,” Wrappe said in a statement released on Wednesday. “I have been totally dedicated to Triad Semiconductor for more than three years during which we progressed from an idea to production. However, there needs to be a balance between work and life. The ‘honey-do’ list at home has been ignored too long and my daughter will soon transition from Disney to dating. I’m looking forward to a change.”

Triad Semiconductor was launched in the spring of 2002. It is focused on mixed-signal integrated circuit chips. Triad Semiconductor has developed patent-pending technology that reduces the cost and time needed for chip development.

The focus on his consulting firm will be to help other early-stage companies, Wrappe said. He has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry.

Wrappe was named vice president of marketing for Triad Semiconductor in July.

Lynn Hayden took over as president and CEO of Triad Semiconductor. He had been secretary and treasurer since August of 2003. Hayden founded Coiltronics, a manufacturer and supplier of high frequency electromagnetic components, and ran the firm for 20 years.

James Kemerling, Triad Semiconductor’s other co-founder, is the firm’s chief technology officer.

Triad Semiconductor: