PITTSBORO,Biolex Therapeutics, a producer of protein therapeutics, is on a fast growth path.

The company, which closed on $36 million in venture capital financing earlier this month, has doubled the size of its workforce to 90 employees and also doubled its manufacturing capacity to more than 13,000 square feet at its facility in Pittsboro.

“With this new capacity Biolex has significantly increased its manufacturing capability, providing us the resources to support our partners and our product pipeline with development and scale-up of product for clinical trials,” said Jan Turek, chief executive officer of Biolex. “In anticipation of our next stage of growth, we are also seeking up to 50,000 square feet of new space to accommodate additional production of clinical and commercial-stage therapeutics,” he added.

Biolex manufacturers therapeutic proteins for Centocor and medarex. The company is also developing its own line of potential drug products.

Biolex: www.biolex.com