The US Drug Enforcement Administration has given approval to a Nortel subsidiary to offer a new electronic order fulfillment solution for ordering of controlled substances.

The system is offered by Nortel PEC Solutions and relies opn public keny infrastructure standards for security.

The Nortel group is positioning the system as an alternative to an existing paper-based form process for tracking of such drugs as morphine.

“Nortel PEC Solutions is delivering the highly-secure networking systems that are helping agencies like the DEA better manage and protect sensitive information,” said Chuck Saffell, chief executive officer of Nortel PEC Solutions, in a statement. “We work closely with our customers to design systems that streamline operations, are secure and reliable, and help improve the bottom line.”

The electronic ordering system can reduce costs by $26 per transaction, according to DEA figures cited by Nortel PEC Solutions.

Nortel PEC: