For thousands of people devestated by Hurricane Katrina, going back to work is the last thing on their minds. But the time will come when these individuals will need to find a way to support themselves and their families. Charlotte’s Moonlight Real Estate has offered to extend jobs to any victim of this tragedy who is interested in relocating to North Carolina with real estate skills outlined below.

1) You must be a current licensed Realtor® in their state (Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, etc.) who has at least one year of professional experience.


2) You must be a licensed and/or certified residential or commercial appraiser.


3) You have to be willing to get re-licensed in North Carolina

So much of the devastation we see on the television news reports and hear on the radio tells the tale of homes and lives being destroyed, but that also includes business and places for employment.

The question rises, “Even if these victims stay and rebuild their homes, how will they continue to support themselves during the rebuilding time?”

Moonlight Real Estate, Inc has committed to assist with the relocation and re-licensing with the state of North Carolina.

Please contact Moonlight Real Estate, Inc. with any questions or interest in employment you may have. You can reach our offices through email at and reference “Hurricane Victims” in the subject, or simply contact our office at 704.948.8189.