Porticos, Inc, a mechanical engineering and product development company, has been awarded contracts with Interian and SAMSys to provide all aspects of mechanical development for existing and future products of both companies.

Morrisville –based, Integrian, Inc., develops products that integrate video, voice and data for public safety, transportation and federal government organizations, and has tasked Porticos with developing five products for Integrian. Three additional projects are also on the scheduled.

SAMSys Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Ontario, Canada, provides radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions. Porticos had already developed three products for SAMSys and will begin work on a series of next-generation products in late August 2005. Porticos is also helping manage the testing process and supply-chain for these new products.

“Speed to market is the key to financial success,” said Jim Stiscia, engineering manager for SAMSys. “We can’t afford multiple design iterations to meet customer requirements – Porticos gets it right the first time.”

Visit: www.porticos.net , www.samsys.com or www.integrian.com