Business Loan Quest (BLQ), will now offer the full suite of Private Placement Manager(c) as the first reseller of the debt management software.

The web-based tool is a shareholder software service that automates and tracks the process of raising capital. Other benefits of the software include an investor relations Web site structure with varying levels of document detail and the approval mechanisms to permit potential investors to move about the site in an automated fashion. Users may also access a template library of appropriate documentation for issuing securities directly to accredited investors in a private self-underwriting.

Marina Lando, President of BLQ says, “By offering the Private Placement Manager(c), we offer our customers a framework for managing the process of raising capital from multiple sources who may be located in multiple geographical locations.” BLQ has sources of debt capital located throughout the world.

PPM(c)was co-created by Mary Ellen Randall, President of Ascot Technologies, Inc. and Thomas Vass, President of Business Insurance Advisors, Inc., “Due to our strong relationship with BLQ, we believe we are providing a leading solution for companies in the process of raising capital. With BLQ as a distributor we expect to reach a broader international market and enrich the fundraising process,” said Randall.