Nortel is rolling out the latest upgrade in its Meridian phone products with the “Secure Telephone”.

The phones are designed to meet federal government requirements for security.

Features as cited by Nortel include:

  • “Positive disconnect – provides on-hook audio security, immediately disconnecting the telephone from the network when not in use.

  • “Off-hook visual indicator – indicates that the security features are off when the phone is off hook. Acts as an alert so the user knows the security features are disabled.

  • “Unique serial number – appears in three places inside and outside the phone for quick verification during security sweeps. Mismatched serial numbers could indicate unauthorized repair or tampering.

  • “Tamper-evident labeling – a hologram sticker on the outside of the phone must be removed or broken to get inside, making it evident that somebody has tampered with the phone.

  • “No handsfree microphone – a requirement for government standards. This reduces the risk of sensitive information being overheard.”
  • Nortel: