Internet Service provider EarthLink is beefing up protection for its users by adding Digital Envoy’s E-Scam anti-phishing to its ScamBlocker.

E-Scam will allow EarthLink customers to make more informed decisions about the risk associated with sites to which they are navigating by providing a real-time risk score and detailed geographical information about the website, EarthLink says.

ScamBlocker is the ISP’s protection feature that warns users about accessing known or suspected fraudulent URLs that mimic legitimate web sites and are intent on stealing personal information.

“EartLlink is committed to providing people with the best anti-phishing protection solution available while they enjoy the Internet,” said Matt Cobb, vice president of core applications at EarthLink. “Digital Envoy’s E-Scam product further enhances ScamBlocker’s ability to quickly analyze fraudulent phisher sites and alert consumers before they make a mistake of accessing fraudulent Web sites.”

Digital Envoy: