iAdvantage Software, which is focused on pre-clinical life science studies and managing development, will embed Saffron Technology’s real-time associative memory application, into iAdvantage’s eStudy.

With this new functionality, eStudy will allow researchers to quickly and accurately understand associations and correlations in their data, the companies said.

“Adding SaffronWeb to eStudy brings remarkable new power to researchers,” said Fate Thompson, president and chief executive officer of iAdvantage. “Researchers can easily query study data, analyze outlier data, and ask the ‘show me what’s interesting’ question within and across multiple data sets.”

This incorporation allows researchers to be able to use eStudy and manipulate its data without getting an IT person involved, according to iAdvantage.

iAdvantage Software: www.iadvantagesoftware.com

Saffron Technology: www.saffrontech.com