RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Peak 10 is implementing enhanced routing services from Internap as part of an effort to improve its network and to provide better service to its customers.

“The capability this flow control service provides Peak 10 greater network management capabilities but retains the scale of operations we consider very important to our business,” Frank Mobley, vice president of operations for Peak 10, tells Local Tech Wire. “This service does enhance service quality for Peak 10 and thus all of our customers as well. By increasing the speed of network route optimization as well as constantly ‘testing’ Internet provider throughput, Peak 10’s overall network performance is enhanced.”

Internap, which is based in Atlanta, has developed patented technology that it says decreases losses of data packets and also cuts down on latency while improving network uptime. Peak 10 is using Internap’s Flow Control Platform appliance.

Mobley says utilizing Internap’s service gives Peak 10 advantages in the increasingly competitive data hosting and services market. He cites three primary benefits:

  • “Flexibility in network optimization tools

  • “Load balancing within our private network

  • “Load balancing with our network providers”
  • For example, he explains, the Internap device helps rout traffic between different network providers in the event of outages or brownouts. Mobley says it also cuts latency by 35 percent,

    Peak 10 operates data centers in RTP, Charlotte, Tampa, Jacksonville and Louisville and maintains its own network linking those centers. Each operation also has high-speed links to multiple Internet service providers.

    According to Mobley, several factors led to Peak 10’s decision to beef up its network.

    “Growth in Peak 10 network services and utilization; growth in customer base and number of data centers we operate; expansion of our network mesh — the network redundantly interconnecting our data centers,” he explains. Other reasons include “expansion of the number of Tier 1 internet providers we offer our customer; the need to increase our scale and to provide technology solutions that enable our staff to manage more yet keep our cost of operations the lowest in the industry while constantly improving the speed and capacity of our network offering.”

    Peak 10 considered several options before picking Internap, Mobley adds. “Internap was chosen among several competitive service providers,” he says, “(with a) proven product that offered the ability to continue to grow with our network at attractive incremental costs.”

    Peak 10: