Red Hat will work with Open-Xchange, a New York-based software developer, to provide solutions for enterprises wanting to migrate to Linux.

Open-Xchange has released a new product called Server 5 that the company said is designed to ease migration and integration of networks to open source. Server 5 allows “IT administrators to create and implement killer-apps without changing existing infrastructure components, i.e. databases, directory services, message transfer agents, e-mail servers or web-servers,” Open-Xchange said. “End users can keep their favorite mail and groupware client.”

Red Hat has certified Open-Xchange for its enterprise server and application service platforms. Red Hat will also provide Open-Xchange with technology and services while acting as a distributor of the software.

“We are happy to be able to support Open-Xchange Inc. and its Open-Xchange Server 5,” said Paul Salazar,a marketing executive with Red Hat. “Enterprise-ready open source solutions mean that more customers can migrate from proprietary environments to lower cost, higher performance solutions.”

Red Hat: