The North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA)is backing new legislation from Representatives W.A. Wilkins (D-Person) and Bill Faison (D-Orange) in the N.C. House of Representatives to create a pilot program that will expand school technology funds to completely integrate technology into the classroom.

“By funding technology integration at the middle schools that are populated by these elementary schools, NCTA and the State can look at a clear picture of how vital technology integration is to our students,” stated Joan Myers, president and chief executive officer of NCTA. “These projects stand as lighthouses that will hopefully light the way to better recourse investment in 21st century tools.”

The NCTA has worked with members of Congress from North Carolina to create technology demonstration projects at several schools.

“I applaud Rep. Wilkins and Rep. Faison for their leadership on House Bill 1780,” said Joe Freddoso, chairman of the NCTA Board of Directors and director of site operations at Cisco Systems in RTP. “They understand that our students in North Carolina need modern tools in the classroom to be ready for success in today’s world and the jobs of the future. HB 1780 will build upon NCTA’s Technology Demonstration Projects and will demonstrate the educational value of fully incorporating technology as a tool in education from elementary through middle school.”