SecureWave has more than 600 customers and counts another 40-plus firms as channel partners after what its “most successful quarter ever” to start 2005, the company said Tuesday.

SecureWave develops security solutions that target spyware and data theft. Its product suite is known as Sanctuary and is designed to provide network administrators with a centralized list for managed applications as well as devices.

Eleven US firms signed on as channel partners in the quarter as well as 10 international firms, SecureWave said.

“In Q1 2005, SecureWave has seen exponential growth not only in its partner program, but in profitability, customers and corporate development,” said Bob Johnson, SecureWave’s chief executive officer. “With more than 600 customers across the globe, SecureWave owes much of its success to the respected resellers and integrators that are helping commercial and government organizations solve some of its toughest security puzzles. As market demand for endpoint security solutions continues to swell, SecureWave’s trusted partners will enable us to extend our reach and our ability to offer Sanctuary to organizations worldwide.”