iAdvantage Software, a provider of solutions for management of pre-clinical life sciences studies, has launched a new web-based system for researchers.

The e-Study Manager incorporates study design, e-notebook design, data collection and reporting. According to the company, the product was “designed by scientists for scientists” and tracks study flow will providing more speed, efficiency and accuracy than with paper-based systems.

“By eliminating paper systems and islands of automation, e-Study Manager improves communication, increases productivity and reduces time to market,” said Fate Thompson, president and CEO of iAdvantage. “e-Study Manager’s unique reporting tool allows critical business decisions, such as product go/no go, to be made at any point in the study life cycle, preventing the waste of critical resources.”

Scientists at multiple sites can access data from one secure database.

iAdvantage is seeking patent coverage for the technology.

iAdvantage: www.iadvantagesoftware.com