Jack Kilby, the man who invented the integrated circuit and received a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000, has died.

The retired engineer from Texas Instruments died in Dallas after a brief battle with cancer. He was 81.

“In my opinion, there are only a handful of people whose works have truly transformed the world and the way we live in it — Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and Jack Kilby,” said Texas Instruments Chairman Tom Engibous in a statement. “If there was ever a seminal invention that transformed not only our industry but our world, it was Jack’s invention of the first integrated circuit.”

Texas Instruments has made available a wide variety of information about Kilby.

For an obituary, see: www.ti.com/corp/docs/press/company/2005/c05034.shtml

For a biography of his life, see: www.ti.com/corp/docs/kilbyctr/jackstclair.shtml

The company also made available a story about events surrounding his invention — including the fact he hadn’t gone on vacation at the time, See: www.ti.com/corp/docs/kilbyctr/vacation.shtml