Biometric payment technology through which customers pay for products with a touch of their finger is catching on in Charlotte.

BioPay, the Virginia-based developer of the technology, said Wednesday that 60 stores representing 27 companies now offer the service in the Queen City.

Among companies embracing fingerprint shopping are: Lowes Foods, Jersey Mikes and Dilworth’s Coffee.

“As the first retailer in North Carolina to adopt biometric payment technology, we are providing our customers with the most secure payment method available and, at the same time speeding up the checkout process for them,” said Lowes Foods President Curtis Oldenkamp in a statement. “We take great pride in our fast checkout service and work hard to ensure that customers have minimal wait times at the register. We have been using the BioPay technology in one of our Hickory stores for the past few weeks, and are already seeing great results.”

BioPay relies on fingerprints and an identification number to identify customers. The system links to the customer’s bank account, and funds for transactions are automatically debited.

Once a customer enrolls, the service can be used at any other merchant using BioPay technology, the company said.