BlueLithium Inc., an Internet-based advertising network, will utilize NetAcuity technology from Digital Envoy for targeted delivery of clients’ advertising efforts.

BlueLithium offers an ad-serving service linked to more than 1,000 affinity-based web sites.

DigitialEnvoy has developed Internet Protocol intelligence technology that segments Internet audiences by geographic location, domain name, connection speed and zip codes.

“Not only does NetAcuity offer unsurpassed accuracy and granularity, the technology is also easy to implement as no modifications to our current infrastructure are needed,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, chief executive officer and founder of BlueLithium. “The seamless incorporation of Digital Envoy’s IP Intelligence technology allows our customers to promptly benefit from precise, finely tuned targeting and to discover traffic patterns with the highest conversions-meaning optimized campaign delivery, better ad performance and more effective results for our customers’ advertising dollars.”