CipherTrust, a provider of email and messaging security solutions, is offering a new tool to heighten the awareness of “zombie” attacks on the Internet.

A zombie is a PC or other device infected by a worm or virus and is used to launch denial of service attacks, send spam, or used for phishing.

CipherTrust has made a “ZombieMeter” available at its web site to let users track the latest zombie attacks.

In May, CipherTrust reported discovering 172,009 new zombie machines each day, with 20 percent of those in the United States. CipherTrust is tracking the machines through its IronMail security appliances which are used on some 1,500 enterprise networks.

“Over the past year, CipherTrust researchers have continued to analyze the information tracked from our IronMail appliances to identify threats such as zombie activity, virus patterns and phishing attacks, to name a few,” said Paul Judge, CipherTrust’s chief technology officer, in a statement. “With more than 1,500 enterprise customers, CipherTrust has a very broad, unique view of the Internet and potential threats as they happen across the globe. The launch of our ZombieMeter furthers our commitment to making this information available to the e-mail community. By monitoring global messaging activity and identifying behavioral patterns, we can continue to provide predictive protection against threats before they emerge.”