Time Warner Cable Commercial Services is now offering data protection services in conjunction with Arsenal Digital Solutions.

The service, called ViaRemote Managed Storage, includes off-site backup and restoration services for servers as well as personal computers.

TW Cable and Arsenal Digital, which has partners in 30 data centers across 20 cities worldwide and is based in Cary, are offering the product as a turnkey solution, including all necessary hardware, software and support.

“ViaRemote Managed Storage enables us to become a more strategic partner to our customers because we can address a very complex set of pain points related to data protection, business continuity planning and regulatory compliance,” said Bo Coughlin, vice president of Time Warner Cable Commercial Services’ Raleigh Division. “This new service offers our customers greater peace-of-mind that they will be able to recover data whenever…and wherever…they need to.”

Added Frank Brick, chairman and chief executive officer of Arsenal: “Today’s CIOs, compliance officers and IT managers are constantly looking for solutions that reduce downtime, eliminate data loss, reduce storage costs and remove human error from the data protection process.” ViaRemote, he added, offers “a level of cost effectiveness and accountability that internal IT organizations have difficulty matching.”

TWC Commercial: www.twcbroadband.com

Arsenal: www.arsenaldigital.com