Researchers at Cree have developed new light-emitting diode technology that reduces drastically power needed for LCD monitors and televisions, the company said Monday.

The backlighting system coupled with brighter LED chips will enable TV and computer monitor manufacturers design larger screens that don’t require cooling devices such as fans, Cree reported.

Using XThin blue and green LED technology, Cree said it had developed a backlighting approach that cuts power needs by 60 percent compared to other LED solutions. The new technology cuts power required for traditional screens by 12 percent.

The latest LED chips are more than 30 percent brighter, Cree added.

“LED-based backlighting for LCD monitors and televisions is expected to grow dramatically over the next several years and we expect Cree LED chip products will be key enabling components for the development of next- generation backlighting solutions,” said Scott Schwab, Cree vice president and general manager of optoelectronics, in a statement.

The new system was announced at the Society for Information Display International Symposium in Boston.