Cree is stepping up efforts to license its patents for use by other firms in the LED and silicon chip sectors.

The company said Thursday that it had licensed its patent for white LEDs (light emitting diodes) to “several” companies. Among them are two in Japan and another in Hong Kong.

Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) said it was in discussions with several other firms about licensing deals and has a “goal of announcing further licensing arrangements over the next several quarters.”

“These additional licenses further reinforce the importance of this patent and the increasing awareness and respect for intellectual property in the industry,” said Scott Schwab, Cree’s vice president and general manager of optoelectronics, in a statement. “These licenses are a result of our ongoing IP awareness activities, and can enable increased sales of our high performance chips for white LED applications. We continue to seek ways to make Cree products, and our partners who use them, more competitive while defending our technology and IP in the market.”