“millimeter” magazine, which covers production and post-production issues in the video industry, has picked Inlet Technologies as one of its “Pick Hits” for 2005.

Inlet has developed digital compression technology that lowers production costs for high-definition content creation. Its Fathom VC-1 encoder was selected by editors at millimeter as one of the industry’s most innovative technology products.

“It is an honor to win such a prestigious award,” said Neal Page, chief executive officer of Inlet Technologies. “It is gratifying to see that Inlet has come to be recognized as not only the leader in professional VC-1 encoding but also as a technology innovator in the post-production industry.”

Award winners were selected during the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention. Other companies that were recognized included Apple, Kodak, Panasonic, Sony and Microsoft.

“Our judges have seen and used a lot of technology and they have a passion for seeking out the best new tools,” said millimeter’s Editorial Director Cynthia Wisehart.

Pick Hits were selected by millimeter senior editors, contributing editors who are also veterans of film and television production, and industry production and postproduction professionals.

Inlet: www.inlethd.com