Mi-Co, a developer of mobile data capture technology, is working with a major producer of business forms to provide retail access to sheets capable of utilizing digital ink technology.

Mic-Co and Cardinal Brands, a supplier of business forms, said the new forms would enable users to fill out firms with a digital pen. The data is captured by the pen, transferred to a PC and then interpreted by Mi-Co software. The process will eliminate the need for additional data entry, the companies said.

Cardinal Brands, which is based in Lawrence KS, has developed patent-pending technology for use of digital pens and paper forms.

“Digital paper costs and software licensing costs for systems that pre-fill forms have been a barrier to widespread adoption of digital writing, and we are excited to partner with Mi-Co to begin to reduce the barriers,” said Mike Miller, vice president and general manager of the custom solutions division at Cardinal Brands.

Mi-Co: www.mi-corporation.com