A rash of earnings reports over the past few days presented a mix bag for investors.

Internap, a provider of high-performance routing services over the Internet reported a 4.4 percent in revenues to $37.9 million compared to the first quarter of 2004 and cut its losses to $600,000.

For details, see: www.internap.com/newsroom/viewPressRelease.html?id=1897

Adherex Technologies, a biopharmaceutical firm in RTP, reported a first-quarter loss of $3.1 million for the first quarter. That was up from $2.7 million in 2004.

For details, see: www.adherex.com/news/news_items/2005-05-10

Summus, a provider of mobile content and applications, said revenues soared 152 percent to $2 million in the first quarter compared to the same quarter in 2004. Revenues increased 19 percent from the previous quarter, its sixth consecutive period of double-digit growth. Its losses decreased 43 percent compared to 2004 to $696,000.

For details, see: www.summus.com

Software developer Sapiens reported a loss of $2.3 million on revenues of $10.1 million. Revenues dropped from $12 million in the previous quarter.

For details, see: www.sapiens.com/en/investors/press_releases/#

SpectraSite, which has agreed to be acquired for $3 billion by American Tower, reported $93.8 million in revenue, up from $84.7 million in the same quarter of 2004. Operating income rose to $16.6 million, up $3.5 million.

For details, see: www.spectrasite.com

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals lost $1.659 million in the first quarter, down from $2.3 million in 2004.

For details, see: www.incara.com/press/2005-05-06.htm

At Inspire Pharmaceuticals, losses in the first quarter increased to $16.1 million from $13.3 million even though income climbed to $1.9 million from $600,000.

For details, see: ir.inspirepharm.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=120779&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=707714&highlight=

CTC Communications reported $41.4 million in revenues for the first quarter, up 2 percent from 2004. Operating income was $5.1 million, down from $6.9 million in 2004.

For details, see: www.ctc.net