Webfargo Data Security, a provider of managed security services, is rolling out a new information portal service.

Called the Webfargo Security Center, the service allows clients to get real-time information, news and security updates.

“We are excited to roll out The Webfargo Security Center to our growing roster of clients,” says Tyler Salisbury, president and managing partner of Webfargo. “The creation of the portal stresses the fact that we are proactive in our efforts to provide our clients with the most rounded and user-friendly security services.”

Data to be provided includes: up-to-date technical security news from around the industry; overview of current firewall events; accepted/denied connections both inbound and outbound; streaming, FTP, and web usage; remote virtual private network access usage; overview of viruses and worms stopped by the firewall.

Webfargo: www.webfargo.com