RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Saffron Technology is expanding the reach of its discovery software suite with a new release of its SaffronWeb product.

The 2.0 version is designed to include commercial applications. Previously, Saffron has targeted governmental agencies.

“We have designed a system that learns from users, with users and for users,” said Manuel Aparicio, Saffron’s CEO, in a statement. “We’ve already developed the technology and are expanding our applications — the future is now.”

Saffron received two patents for its so-called Learning Engine in 2003.

The new patents are based on associated memory compression algorithms, which also was awarded patents.

Saffron’s Learning Engine is based on Java and is designed to detect patterns and make predictions based on analysis of tremendous amounts of data.

SaffronWeb includes what the company calls “discovery tools” which are designed to help analysts “manage and evaluate massive amounts of information and can improve their ability to convert data into valuable intelligence”.

The software captures experiences, learns patterns and builds memories to uncover associations and make predictions. The company said the software also identifies and presents “all information relevant to an analyst’s query, which, in many cases, leads to new paths of discovery”.

The new version is designed to integrate commercial data bases and includes a streamlined user interface, the company said.

The new product was introduced at the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System Worldwide Conference in Philadelphia PA.