Affinergy, which is developing biomaterials designed to improve the effectiveness of metal implants for such uses as artificial joints, has received a federal grant to help accelerate product development.

Affinergy, a spinout of Duke University with technology licensed from Duke, received a $214,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS).

“Affinergy has a unique capability to improve the integration of implanted medical devices with surrounding tissues,” said Paul Hamilton, director of research and development at Affinergy, in a statement. He will serve as principal investigator for the Grant. “Our internal scientific team looks forward to collaborating with an excellent group of partners, particularly Dr. Lyndon Cooper, the Stallings Distinguished Professor of Dentistry and Director of the Bone Biology and Implant Therapy Laboratory at UNC. We are excited to complete a focused set of milestones for this project.”

Affinergy said the funds would be used in an attempt to speed development of the bio material technology that will be used to help orthopedic implants be used more effectively.

“Affinergy’s site specific biological delivery system uses bio-friendly binders in combination with medical devices and injectable delivery of therapeutics to control the delivery and activity of drugs on a site-specific basis,” Peyton Anderson, CEO of Affinergy, recently told LTW. “Benefits include: lower doses which save costs, fewer off target effects, enable new indications for existing drugs, and extend intellectual property around existing products.”

The company has already filed for or has already received rights to six different patents.

“Affinergy looks forward to accelerating its work in the fast growing field of orthopedics through this SBIR Grant,” said Jonathan Gindes, vice president of finance and operations of Affinergy, in a statement. “This project directly builds on our strong competencies in cell and growth factor delivery across the surfaces of interest to corporate partners. Affinergy’s success on this grant award validates our active and ongoing efforts to secure funding from these types of sources.”

The company has already raised $2 million from a variety of investors, including MCNC Ventures (now called NC IDEA), Wilmington Investor Network, Trinity Healthcare and Charleston Angel Partners. Affinergy has also raised money from several individuals.

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