Intersouth now holds two seats on the board of directors at oral health firm NovaMin, after serving as the lead investor in a $4.4 million B round of financing in the firm.

NovaMin is based in Alchua FL.

Joining NovaMin’s board are Intersouth’s Garheng Kong and Chris Hegele.

NovaMin has developed a patented active ingredient for oral hygiene that is also called NovaMin. It is based on a material used in bone regeneration. The company said the new funds would be used to drive commercialization of the product.

“NovaMin is an exciting investment opportunity,” Hegele said in a statement. “The management team has developed products together from concept to market and the technology has been proven over years of testing. The company has reached an inflection point and is poised for real growth as it identifies new opportunities over the next 18 months.”