Triangle BioSystems, Inc. (TBSI) received $500,000 from The National Science Foundation (NSF) for the commercialization of a wireless system that monitors brain activity.

The additional funding was authorized by NSF this week via a Phase IIB Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant, which continues the support for TBSI’s development and commercial introduction of “Integrated Circuit Design for Telemetric Biological Data Transmission”.

The system allows monitoring of multiple neuron sites in a live brain without any wires connecting the subject to a recording system. Seen as an important step towards developing neural prosthetic devices, the system allows wireless monitoring of 7 or 15 channels of neural activity across a radio link. Neurologists and neuroscientists were introduced to the wireless system during the 2004 Society for Neuroscience meeting. Several neural scientists have elected to participate in beta testing of the wireless system.