Teams from five different companies will compete head-to-head on the final day of the University of Charlotte’s “Five Ventures” business plan competition.

The firms, which made it through preliminary judging in a field of more than 70 entries, will go through three phases of business acumen on April 7 at the UNCC campus.

They will be judged on ability to secure funding, close the sale and hire chief executive officers.

The five companies are:

Bioptigen (affiliation – Duke University): The company provides a new class of in-vivo, real-time, two or three dimensional imaging of living subjects with near histological resolution without surgical excision. The Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) microscope uses a technology requiring no contact with the specimen and provides resolution much finer than ultrasound.

CORE AUDIO (affiliation – UNC Charlotte): Core Audio is a management company that oversees the design, manufacture and installation of high-end audio systems, at a level of customization unattainable elsewhere in the audio industry. Core Audio’s excellent results are based on a patent-protected revolutionary advance in bass technology which increases bass output by a factor of three without increasing size and power requirements.

Witty Bit World, Inc. (affiliation – UNC Charlotte’s SBTDC): The firm’s mission is to produce and market children’s educational products, including books, music, CDs, television and home video/DVD programming. Their products teach basic educational skills, encourage physical wellness and introduce social and moral skills

ROI, Executive Consulting Group, Inc. (affiliation — Queens University). The company places a team of Six Sigma blackbelt consultants on the job and aligns its clients with the ROI consulting team. Clients pay ROI based on ROI’s ability to measure and sustain improvements for their business.

Ometric Corp. (affiliation – University of South Carolina): The firm uses patented technology to analyze substances with instruments that are smaller and less expensive while ensuring quality standards are maintained. Applications include chemical and pharma applications.

The program also includes panel discussions about possible state investments in early stage companies and issues that keep CEOs awake at night.

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