Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be part of a new email product developed by Ticketmaster.

The Raleigh-based Linux software and services developer said Tuesday that Ticketmaser would use email applications from StrongMail running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Ticketmaster sold $5 billion work of tickets to a variety of events in 2004. Email is one of its primary marketing tools.

“Our customers rely on us to recommend the operating platform that will deliver the highest performance. After thorough testing it is very clear that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is that platform,” said Frank Addante, chief executive officer of StrongMail, in a statement. “StrongMail on Red Hat Enterprise Linux enabled Ticketmaster to get up and running quickly, steadily increased their deliverability and has given them full visibility into the process. This reduced their initial development costs, lowered ongoing resources needed, and fits within the enterprise-wide IT architecture.”

StrongMail, which was founded in 2002 by Addante, is based in Redwood Shores, CA.


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