Cisco is rolling out a new suite of products designed to deliver what it calls secure and convenient wireless network solutions for school districts.

The networking giant announced the CiscoSecure product at the K-12 Consortium for School Networking Conference in Washington, DC, on Tuesday.

Cisco said the wireless package is designed to help schools upgrade networks where updating existing wireline infrastructure might prove to be too costly or not feasible due to construction constraints.

“Wireless Local Area Networks have become an essential tool for educators, providing them with anytime/anywhere access to the Internet, email, and key productivity applications — essentially all of their daily information and communication needs at their fingertips,” said Charles Fadel, global lead for education at Cisco, in a statement. “The CiscoSecure Wireless Solution for K-12 helps improve efficacy by extending the availability of content and applications alike.”

The package includes Aironet Series Access Points, Cisco-compatible laptops and personal data assistants, routers, switches, an access control server, security applications and a centralized management control suite.

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