Tests of the latest release for the SAS Enterprise ETL Server package produced a “world record” for data performance, SAS said Monday.

Based on “published benchmarks”. SAS said its server package demonstrated the ability to outperform other ETL tools “by more than 60 percent”.

ETL refers to extraction, transformation and loading process of data.
SAS utilized a Sun “Sun Fire” server with the Solaris 10 operating system to complete processing of 2.2 terabytes of information in under 90 minutes, or over 21 gigs per hour per CPU. SAS said the Sun Fire was equipped with 72 CPUs.

“It is critical that businesses have a solid data integration platform in place to handle the increasing amounts of data that must be regularly loaded into their warehouses,” said Don Hatcher, vice president of the SAS Enterprise Excellence Center, in a statement. “The performance of SAS’ ETL offering more than adequately addresses current needs and is built to handle future opportunities. ETL performance is a high priority due to the increasingly global nature of today’s enterprises.”

SAS: www.sas.com