The Five Ventures business competition is truly going international.

The fifth annual business plan competition put on by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte drew entries from as far away as India.

“I can tell you we had submissions from multiple states and even one from abroad – India – making this a global competition,” Mark Wdowik, executive director of the Office of Technology Transfer at UNCC who runs the competition, told Local Tech Wire.

The first cuts in the competition were announced on Thursday, reducing the field to 10 semifinalists. Companies include high-tech, biotech, children’s educational products and even trash disposal. The field will be cut again sometime around March 24. The final round of competition is set for April 7.

Summaries of each firm as provided by UNCC and their tie-in to a university are:

CORE AUDIO (UNC Charlotte) – a management company that oversees the design, manufacture and installation of high-end audio systems, at a level of customization unattainable elsewhere in the audio industry. Core Audio’s excellent results are based on a revolutionary advance in bass technology which increases bass output by a factor of three.

adrelief (Duke University) – has designed a proprietary and novel solution to improve online ad performance of online advertising. adrelief uses its technology to increase customer ‘clicks’. Some of its customers have received a 300 percent increase in clicks.

Wanoca, LLC (UNC Chapel Hill) – a minority-owned company from a HUB Zone District, Wadesboro NC, Wanoca is focused on hiring and placing displaced textile workers (among others).

Witty Bit World, Inc. (UNC Charlotte’s SBTDC) -a company focused on producing and marketing children’s educational products, including books, music, CDs, television and home video programming. Their products teach basic educational skills, encourage physical wellness and introduce social and moral skills

Nexus-X (UNC Charlotte) – develops and markets world class interactive education and training technologies to benefit student education and workforce training while reducing operating costs.

Bioptigen (Duke University) – provides a new class of in-vivo, real-time, two or three dimensional imaging of living subjects with near histological resolution without surgical excision. The Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) microscope uses a technology requiring no contact with the specimen and provides resolution much finer than ultrasound.

Salzburg Therapeutics, Inc (Wake Forest University School of Medicine) – is developing agents, cytotoxamers• to treat cancer. The agents are able to target cancer cells, while avoiding healthy cells, and enter the cancer cell like a Trojan horse and release drugs to attack the malignant cells.

ROI (Queens University) – places a team of Six Sigma blackbelt consultants on the job and aligns its clients with the ROI consulting team. Clients pay ROI based on ROI’s ability to measure and sustain improvements for their business. They only pay for performance

Ometric (University of South Carolina) – focused on spectroscopic analysis is the process of analyzing ingredients in a substance by measuring the radiation it reflects or emits. Ometric uses patented technology that combines the complex optics and processing logic used in typical spectrometers into a single optical filter. By combining the optics and processing logic into a filter, the spectrometers are a magnitude smaller and less expensive.

Spump Valet Waste and Recycling (UNC Charlotte) – targets the small business and apartment community for recycling needs. The company minimizes the costs associated with waste hauling and provides convenient recycling methods.

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