Using information gathered in part through an investigation by BellSouth, a spammer in Florida has pled guilty to a “spam” email charge.

Charles Frye of Dayton Beach, FL pled guilt in the case after BellSouth determined he had “spammed” customers over its Internet services offering in 2002.

“This ruling is a true triumph for our customers,” said Richard Burns, vice president for Internet service operations for BellSouth, in a statement. “BellSouth will continue to assist and cooperate with law enforcement officials who prosecute Internet offenders. We are committed to protecting our customers, and will work to provide them with the highest quality Internet experience.”

The case was tried in a Florida circuit court. Frye received a one-year prison term, three year suspended term and six years of probation, according to BellSouth. The company said Frye was also ordered to pay restitution to BellSouth.

BellSouth said it has participated in a number of spam-related cases and would continue to “fight against spam and other forms of Internet fraud.”