Executives from three emerging high-tech firms made their case for investors at the North Carolina Regional Capital Market Exchange on Tuesday night, discussing ways to turn updates of old legacy systems, love for pets and even chicken feathers into lucrative business opportunities.

A crowd of some 35 people gathered at the Crabtree Marriott to hear the presentations from BioResource International, Legacy 2 Future, and VetInsite.

The Forum is sponsored in part by Local Tech Wire.

Giles Shih, president of BRI which is based at North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus, recounted how the firm has turned technology related to an aggressive enzyme licensed from NCSU into a potential goldmine.

Among the product targets for BRI is a means of combating the protein that triggers Mad Cow diseases.

Covered by a variety of patents, BRI’s technology is trademarked as Versazyme. What Shih described as a “very robust” enzyme has uses to enhance the feeds for chickens, can be used as to help cleanse medical instruments, and is potent enough to help turn chicken feathers into usable proteins. Six patents cover the feed technology, and another covers use of Versazyme as a disinfectant.

BRI is seeking to raise $2 million as part of B round financing “to take us through the year 2006,” Shih said. The company is based on research conducted by his father, Jason Shih, who is a professor at NCSU.

Legacy 2 Future, launched by Bill Bowers and based in the Triangle, is focused on modernization of software applications in legacy computer systems. Bowers said he wanted to raise funds in order to acquire a number of companies that are positioned to exploit legacy upgrades.

VetInsite offers a variety of pet portal services. Founded by Peter Glassman, who also is a veterinarian, the company already has one major outside investor.

The capital exchange was put on by The Corporate Investment Center, 919 Marketing, FOCUS Resources, Ascot Technologies, Local tech Wire, and hosted by the Crabtree Mariott.

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