WINSTON-SilkRoad Technology, a provider of content management and collaboration software, is offering a new application for management of online sales force and marketing campaign tracking.

The InstantEngage service is based on a tailored chat function.

“Because just about every visitor to a company’s Web site could be a potential customer, it is imperative that any questions posed by these prospects are answered as quickly as possible,” SilkRoad said in a statement. “Delays in response to their questions can often mean an increased chance in losing business. However, if an agent can engage them while their interest is high, the chances of converting visitors to customers are significantly higher.”

The company said it also has developed a “system tray” response system so customer service employees react to customer requests and an “agent familiarity” feature through which customers can choose a specific service representative.

Other features include agent-to-agent chat, searchable customer histories, and customer location tracking.