Invistics, an emerging provider of manufacturing performance software, has another $5 million in the bank.

The Atlanta startup said Friday it had raised the B round financing from current investors Intersouth Partners, HIG ventures and Imlay Investments.

Invistics has developed a product called Flow Path Management System that is designed to help manufacturers deal with constant changes in products and technology.

According to the company, customers have demonstrated marked improvements in inventory control and met 99 percent of deadlines.

“We’ve been impressed with the results Invistics and its customers have achieved thus far,” said Fred Sturgis, HIG Ventures managing director, in a statement. “The solution addresses supply chain issues created by highly variable environments so that manufacturers such as pharmaceutical companies can achieve significant reductions in inventory and improve business processes.”

The company said the new funds would be used for further research and development as well as sales and marketing.

“Changing customer demands and shorter product lifecycles put greater pressure on today’s manufacturers to operate at a faster pace,” said Scott Geller, chief executive officer of Invistics, in a statement. “Our software helps them manage the complexity so they can satisfy as many customers as possible on time with the least amount of inventory.”

Kip Frey of Intersouth Partners sits on Invistics’ board along with Sig Mosley of Imlay Investments and Sturgis.