APEX,Cohesive Teamware, which offers information technology outsourcing services, is partnering with Venali Internet Fax Services to offer companies an alterative to fax machines, servers and phone lines.

The fax service is designed to work with existing or new email programs, such as Microsoft Exchange. It includes the capability to send and receive faxes as attachments.

Cohesive will work with clients to incorporate the Venali solution into business networks, including non-Microsoft environments, the company said.

“We are extremely pleased to add the Venali Internet Fax Service as it is a natural extension of our innovative IT delivery model which eliminates the need for businesses to own and maintain hardware and software systems internally”, said Bill Griep, chief executive officer of Cohesive Teamware. “By delivering IT as a service similar to cable TV, businesses are able to leverage new economies of scale and reallocate critical resources toward more strategic initiatives.”

Cohesive Teamware: www.ctvo.net