David Goldstein, a professor of genetics, and an award winner in that field for his research, at the University College of London, will be the director of Duke’s new Center for Population Genomics and Pharmacogenetics.

The center is part of Duke’s Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy.

Population genomics is the stuffy of population’s genomic makeup.

Pharmacogenetics involves study of genetics affect individual responses to medicine.

“Today, medications are used without regard to the individual genetic makeup of patients,” Goldstein said in a statement. “This needs to change, and I want the IGSP and Duke to be an important part of changing it. The new center will be a full participant in assessment of the social and ethical implications of genomics research, with a particular interest in creating mechanisms to ensure that the development of genomic medicines is fully inclusive, providing improvements in healthcare to all people.”

Goldstein received his undergraduate degree at the University of California and a Masters at Stanford.

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