When Avnet, a global distributor of electronics and enterprise network gear with 300 related suppliers and 100,000 customers with $10 billion in annual revenues, thinks PCs and laptops, it thinks Blue.

Blue, as in IBM.

The Phoenix-based firm has now deployed more than 8,000 ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre PCs across its own network. Avnet also is a participant in IBM’s warranty self-maintainer program, using it to certify staff on technical support, maintenance and hardware repair.

“IBM Think-based technologies and services play a critical role throughout our entire company, in virtually every department, helping speed customer-response time and increase our competitive edge,” said Ed Kamins, chief information officer at Avnet. “The level of innovation, reliability and support we receive from IBM is without comparison.”

IBM recently announced it was selling the PC division to a Chinese firm, which will call the new company Lenovo.

“We feel the recent deal between IBM and Lenovo is a brilliant move for the two companies and look forward to an even more competitive product line in the future,” Kamins said.

IBM Thinkpad: www.ibm.com/thinkpad