Several of the hottest companies in triangle tech circles have been added to the presentation list for the Venture 2005 program in April.

Among the latest seven selected for the 22nd annual event, which is called “Where Great Minds Meet Smart Money”, are Inlet Technologies and Liquidia Technologies.

Inlet, which is based in Raleigh, has been drawing global attention for its pioneering means of digitally compressing high-definition content. Inlet’s process makes creating HDTV content cheaper, the company says, and Inlet has generated strong interest at trade shows.

Liquidia is the latest startup from Joseph DeSimone, who has played a role in development of other companies such as a cleaning firm that did not rely on chemicals. Liquidia, which Simone launched along with Edward Samulski, has created new fluropolymer materials that can be used in a wire variety of applications.

Also picked were Mardil, Oriel Therapeutics, Respirics, Stonewall Networks and Triad Semiconductor.

“The entire Selection Committee is impressed with the quality of companies chosen so far to present in Pinehurst,” saidKen Lee, general partner with Hatteras BioCapital and chairman of the conference. “I am certain that this slate will attract a full house of venture investors, and there is still time for interested companies to apply for the remaining presentation slots.”

The show, put on by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, is set for April 26-27 in Pinehurst.

Here are the seven latest picks, with summaries provided by the CED:

  • Inlet Technologies (Raleigh, NC — ) provides professional encoding solutions for high-definition content creation and distribution. Inlet’s solutions combine the leading advanced compression encoding format with proprietary analysis tools to enable intelligent, real-time encoding of high-definition content for the post-production, broadcast and IPTV markets.

  • Liquidia Technologies Inc. (Chapel Hill, NC — ) develops and markets innovative fluoropolymer materials for high-value industrial applications in a broad range of industries including chemical, life science, electronic and consumer goods companies. The company’s technology platform was developed in labs of Professors Joseph DeSimone and Edward Samulski at UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • Mardil, Inc. (Morrisville, NC — ) is focused on developing minimally invasive procedures and devices for the cardiovascular disease market. The company plans to design, develop and market new devices related to the treatment of Congestive Heart Failure, including mitral regurgitation, by improving upon the existing technology to meet a current unmet need.

  • Oriel Therapeutics Inc. (Durham, NC — ) is a drug delivery company using powder inhalation technology developed at UNC-Chapel Hill and licensed on an exclusive basis to the company. Oriel is focused on the development of a novel active Dry Powder Inhaler for the delivery of drugs to the lungs for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • Respirics, Inc. (Raleigh, NC — ) is a respiratory drug delivery and development company serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries. Respirics has developed a dry powder respiratory drug delivery system that can incorporate a range of drug products to treat respiratory diseases as well as other diseases where systemic drug targeting is required.

  • Stonewall Networks (Cary, NC) is focused on the security management market regarding security policy management. The company is leveraging a patented use of XML technology to deliver a security management product called “Cornerstone” that encompasses security policy management, threat detection, threat reporting and threat mitigation for a multi-vendor environment.

  • Triad Semiconductor, Inc. (Winston-Salem, NC — ) uses patent pending integrated circuit (IC) design architectures and its proprietary electronic design tools to configure an array of fundamental analog and digital circuit elements into custom chips. The company’s mixed-signal structured array technology reduces time to market and development cost for application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).
  • Selected earlier were Adigy, Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Biolex, Integrian, Refense Technologies and StemCo Biomedical.

    Deadline for other companies interested in participating is Jan. 31.

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