, an Internet-based business focused on home building designing and related services, has filed for patent protection of its management system.

The company, which is based in Charlotte, said it wants international coverage and has filed for coverage under international law as well as US protection.

“We have had preliminary discussions with individuals in Canada and Europe indicating an interest in HouseRaising’s system and homebuilding management process,” said Charles Skibo, chief executive officer of the firm. “Even though we are still in the final development stage of the system, we believe it prudent for us to protect our proprietary asset wherever possible.”

Robert V. McLemore, founder of the company and its president, said the system “is based on the culmination of over 40 years of experience in designing, building, selling and financing thousands of homes for discriminating families. As a result of in-depth research, we defined critical problem points that all design/build projects face. Our invention utilizes specific tasks that proactively address the critical problem points.”