Metro Group, an international wholesaler and retailer with operations in 30 countries, will use “Anyplace Kiosks” from IBM to provide product information for shoppers as part of what it calls a guided selling system.

IBM said Metro is the first retailer to install the kiosk.

The kiosks are small and designed to be used at points of decision for customers to help create an interactive shopping experience. Each includes infrared touch-screen displays. They can also play CDs and DVDs.

Metro will deploy three kiosks initially at its “Future Store” in Rheinberg, Germany for use in finding products and/or product information.

“The new Anyplace Kiosk is an example of the kind of advanced retail technologies that are changing the face of retailing and shopping,” said Tom Peterson, general manager, IBM Retail Store Solutions, in a statement. “How many times have all of us, as shoppers, wanted timely information about products while we were on the store floor trying to decide what to buy? Future technology, like that being used in Metro Group’s Future Store in Rheinberg, will fill that need. Shopping will never be the same again.”

These new kiosks, with the capability to show full-screen video as well as high-quality sound, can deliver a variety of applications including in-aisle CD/DVD preview stations, production information, guided selling, self-ordering in restaurants and unattended check-in for hotel guests. Anyplace Kiosk combines a 1.3GHz processor, advanced infrared (IR) touch screen display and optional peripherals in a slim, tapered design.

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