Software giant SAS, a company that from its inception has prided itself on employee emphasis, is one of 22 firms named to Fortune magazine’s Hall of Fame for best companies to work.

SAS is 16th in the annual list of 100 firms that appears in Fortune’s Jan. 17 issues. The firm has made the list all eight times it has been complied and has cracked the top 10 six different times.

In ranking of mid-sized companies, SAS ranks sixth.

SAS was recognized as a leader in such areas as health coverage, time off and day care.

“We have always had a commitment to investing in and cultivating meaningful, long-term relationships with our employees and clients,” said Jeff Chambers, vice president of human resources for SAS. “This has led to unusually low turnover in both populations and is at the core of our 28 years of sustained profitability and success.”



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