Cingular and PatientKeeper, a provider of mobile solutions for electronic health records and healthcare applications, are teaming up to make the health service available over Cingular’s nationwide network.

PatientKeeper offers clinical results, charge schedules, mobile dictation, prescription and reference library applications.

Cingular supports a number of mobile devices, including products from Pal, Treo, Siemens and Audiovox.

“An increasing number of healthcare organizations are implementing mobile solutions to address their providers’ demand for immediate access to essential patient data,” said Stephen Hau, vice president of marketing and business development, at PatientKeeper, in a statement. “Cingular Wireless and PatientKeeper are extending access to existing IT resources beyond the four walls of the
hospital and office.”

The companies will present a one-hour webinar on “The Next Generation of Mobile Healthcare Solutions,” on Jan. 27 at 1 PM EST. To register, see: