MORRISVILLE,Internet Telephony magazine has named a short-message gateway offering from Tekelec as one of its 2004 Product of the Year winners.

Internet Telephony covers Voice over Internet Protocol technology.

Tekelec’s short message gateway is designed to help support short message services for wireless networks. These are often used as part of marketing and sales programs. It also is designed to operate with different types of networks.

The company said AT&T Wireless used its gateway to handle 2.6 million messages during the TV program American Idol.

“Short code capability has become essential as wireless operators race to attract the next generation of consumers through multiple media such as reality television programs,” said Fred Lax, president and CEO, Tekelec, in a statement. “Our short message gateway equips carriers such as AT&T Wireless- – now Cingular – to handle the high traffic loads that these promotions generate.”