PharmaLinkFHI, a clinical research organization, has received the industry standard ISO 9001:2000 Series for quality.

PharmaLink is creating what it calls “the first electronic” CRO, built that way “from the ground up”.

“The objective has always been to provide a higher quality of service to our customers, and this is made possible by a transparent, electronically-supported clinical research model that allows real-time access to information for improved trial management and decision making,” said Al Siemens, CEO of PharmaLink, in a statement. “Electronic data capture (EDC) has held much promise, but it is less about the EDC tools and more about how an organization works with those tools to deliver on their potential.”

PharmaLink set up a a quality management system (QMS) for quality standards. This system was certified as ISO 9001:2000 compliant by Underwriters Laboratories.